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(Build a completely customised forming process using optimised conditions)

The hot stamping of aluminium alloys is a tailored forming process, with the assigned processing windows determining the quality of each hot stamped component in terms of its post-form strength. Tailor can define the optimal processing parameters that should be used in a production line to successfully produce a component with the desired post-form strength using hot stamping. 'Tailor' was developed using the results of forming tests, air cooling tests and multi-stage artificial ageing tests, which provided guidance on the value for the die closing force, transfer time and artificial ageing time to be used in the hot stamping process.

Hot stamping Fast warm/hot stamping


Xi Luan, Qunli Zhang, Omer EI Fakir, Mohammad M. Gharbi and LiLiang Wang, "Uni-Form: a pilot production line for hot/warm sheet metal forming integrated in a cloud based SMARTFORMING platform", The 3rd International Conference on Advanced High Strength Steel and Press Hardening, ICHSU 2016, Xi'an, China.

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In the present research, a novel processing route planning system has been finalized and integrated to an online multi-objective platform SMARTFORMING, enabling processing route optimization on a cloud copmuting environment. The syatem consists of two major functional modules: 'Tailor' (processing route optimization) and 'Uni-form' (a pilot production line controlled on a cloud based platform for verifying the effectiveness and efficiency of the processing routes).

Qunli Zhang, Kang Ji, Omer KI Fakir, Xiaochuan Liu and Liliang Wang, Determination of Processing Windows for the Hot Stamping of AA7075, 16th International Conference Metal Forming 2016, 18-21 September 2016, Krakow, Poland.