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(Predict the breakdown of forming tool coatings and lubricants over multiple production cycles)

In a sheet metal forming process, lubricants or hard coatings are applied on the tool surfaces for the purpose of friction reduction. Friction coefficient is not a constant value during a metal forming process under multi-cycle loading conditions, due to the degradation of lubricants or hard coatings.

The functional module 'Tool-Life' is developed by using a unique interactive friction modelling technique Read More to prdict the evolutions of fricton coefficient and the breakdown of the lubrication or hard coatings, under multi-cycle loading conditions.

The innovative work generated from 'Tool-Life' was awarded the best paper prize in the 4th international Conference on new Forming Technology, ICNFT 2015. Glasgow, UK

Tool Life

Y.Zheng, Y.Hu, G.M. Mohammad, D.J. Politis and L.Wang,"Development of coating design guidelines for a sheet metal forming tool - a feasibility study", The 10th International Tooling Conference, Tool 2016,Bratislava, Slovakia

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The author purposed an attempt to establish a comprehensive guideline for coating design applied to the forming tools operating at various forming conditions, enabling the sufficient coating thickness to be calculated.

Y.Hu,X.Yuan,G.Ma,M.Masen,L.Wang,"Tool-life prdiction under multi cycles loading during metal forming a feasibility study"

Manufacturing Review,2,28

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This paper provides an efficient approach for predicting the tool life under multi-cycle loading conditions in sheet metal forming industries based on several years of systemic study on friction and wear behavior of the intrface between aluminium alloys and coatings.