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(Design forming tools that achieve your target component strengths)

For a warm/hot stamping process,two key issues may be concerned by toll designers.

- Dimensional accuracy

- Quenching efficiency,which is tool material and surface condition dependent.

The functional module 'Tool-maker' is a unique tool to evaluate the quenching efficiency of different die materials during warm/hot stamping processes.

Tool-maker is offering tool design guidelines for different combinations of tool and workpiece materials.

Tool Maker

Xi Luan, Xiaochuan Liu, Haomiao Fang, Kang Ji, Omer Ei Fakir and LiLiang Wang, "Characterization of the interfacial heat transfer coefficient for hot stamping processes". The 10th international Conference and Workshop on Numerical Simulation of 3D Sheet Metal Forming Processes,Numisheet 2016,4-9 September 2016,Bristol,UK

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The prsent work focuses on the characterization of the interfacial heat transfer coefficient (IHTC) between an aluminium alloy 7075-T6 blank and two different die materials, cast iron (G3500) and H13 die steel,at various contact pressures. An essential parameter which determines the quenching rate of the process, IHTC can be used to guide the selection of stamping tool materials and the precise control of processing parameters.

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