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Lead by imperial metal forming group, and working out of the world's top universities, our dedicated research group of mechanical engineers and material scientists has a unified passion of advancing metal forming technologies. With our rich experience in metals forming. We aim to deliver breakthroughs and theories that offer cutting edge knowledge on warm and hot forming of metal, as well as enhance the capability of finite element (FE) simulations.
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The key research of our team is related to development of unified costitutive equations predict microstructure evolutions in thermomechanical forming processes. Multiscale material modelling is also carried out for the purpose of understanding fundamental aspects of material deformation. New equations informed by discrete modelling are continuously being introduced for mechanism such as grain boundary siding and rotation, and the interaction between dislocations and grain boundaries. Most recently, we have developed these models into novel functional modules that work seamlessly with FE simulations for multi-objective purposes and that can be operated remotely, and will continue to do so into the future. We share expertise by offering users the opportunity to customize their production line to work with an optimal processing window, as well as accurately predict the occurence of failure and estimae tool life, among many other capabilities.
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Our mission is to provide solution and develop further applications of metal forming through unindustrial collaborations, drawing on knowledge and experience from as many available resourses as possible. We want to reach out to worldwide research institution and industrial partners to establish a collaborative network, and accelerate the widespread adoption of metal forming.