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The Oxford Mental Health Network (OMHN) is a not-for-profit organisation founded in October 2016 by two undergraduate students at the University of Oxford. After Kate Cole survived a suicide attempt and TJ Jordan lost a close friend to suicide, they decided together that more needed to be done to ensure anyone in need is able to find the form of support that is right for them. OMHN is therefore dedicated to connecting the people of Oxfordshire to the mental health resources that they need through awareness campaigns, social media and the OMHN website. Whether you're a young professional who wants to find a local OCD support group, or a secondary school pupil looking for advice about eating disorders, you can ask us for help—we are Oxfordshire's 'mental health search engine.

How we started

Since OMHN was founded by students, we are particularly passionate about protecting the mental health of young people. Back in 2016, we began work on building a website that would allow any young person in Oxfordshire to access a hub of vital mental health information.


In May 2018, we won a grant from the University of Oxford's IT Innovation Fund to help us turn the project into a reality. So, after two and a half years of collating and curating data, coding prototypes from scratch and crafting intelligent search functions, this website is what we've produced. We hope that it will help smooth out that journey from needing a mental health resource, to finding one, to accessing it.

We pride ourselves on being a reliable, independent source of mental health information. Resources are listed on the grounds that they:


- Offer mental health support of a widely-recognised form that can be accessed by young people aged 13 to 25




- Provide a service that is related to mental health that is specifically for young people


To ensure that the information we offer is accurate, helpful and up-to-date, we work in partnership with as many of the resources listed on our site as possible. All of the organisations (except schools, colleges and universities) on OMHN's website are given the chance to update and edit their own information, post events or post on our newsfeed, pending approval by our dedicated team of information-quality controllers. Although we undertake extensive research when choosing whether to list a resource or not, we cannot be held responsible for the quality of the services that they provide.


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Our team

Our team is a mixture of student and graduate volunteers from the University of Oxford, but we welcome anyone with a passion for mental health campaigning. If you are interested in joining the team in any capacity, we would love to hear from you


TJ Jordan

Founding Director

Dhanya Nair

Assistant Director

Hamish Hall

Head of Development

Alex Amari

Website Manager

Emma Line

Events Manager

Arsene Wenger


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